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OKLAHOMA CITY – We’re getting a first look at the “house of horrors” men were allegedly lured to through the Grindr app.

Oklahoma City police received several different calls to the area of S.W. 34th and Harvey the evening of Sept. 8. They quickly realized all the calls were connected.

Officials say those calls were from men who had been lured to a house on S.W. 34th through the gay dating app “Grindr.”

The men showed up to the home, thinking they were meeting someone from the app. Instead, they were held against their will and robbed.

In body camera video released by police, you can see authorities cautiously getting their first look at the scene of the crimes. As they peak inside one room, you can briefly see what appears to be a bed and clothing.

When they found the room to be empty, they cautiously went around to another door. In the darkness, you can see the mess with walls burnt out and items scattered throughout the room.

At one point, the officer stumbled upon a backpack sitting next to a chair. That chair is believed to be the same spot where one victim says he was held at gunpoint.

Investigators believe that same situation played out at least five separate times with the victims showing up to the home in 15 minute increments.

After each victim was robbed, they were ordered to lie on the trash-covered floors.

One of the victims made a run for it, and the robbers chased after him. That gave the other hostages enough time to escape.

Police have arrested 31-year-old Deaunte McPherson in connection to the crime. He is charged with robbery with a firearm and kidnapping.

But police say they are still searching for two more men and one female suspect.