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OKLAHOMA CITY – A bail agent turned himself in to face a charge of animal cruelty Monday.

Jathan Hunt, 23, is accused of shooting a dog at a Midwest City home earlier this month.

Police said the video shows the confrontation involving two bounty hunters identified as Hunt and 56-year-old Melvin Marshall.

Marshall is facing a charge of assault and battery.

The two were searching for another man when the homeowner, Roger Latture, answered the door.

Latture’s 15-year-old black Labrador ran out of the house, barking.

The video shows Hunt drawing his gun, shooting the dog and killing it.

According to a probable cause affidavit released Monda, Latture became irate and questioned why his dog was shot.

The bounty hunter allegedly told Latture to step back or he would put him down.

Latture said, “shoot me,” turned away and was hit with the taser.

Latture’s roommate became upset and asked Marshall why he used the taser.

Marshall answered, “When he bowed up his fist at me, that’s all I needed.”

Marshall hasn’t been arrested yet.