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ST. LOUIS, MO (KMOV) — He’s 11-years-old but has hardly had the chance to be a kid. But on Thursday, the life of Finnegan Shannon will begin to look up.

A kidney condition has threatened Finnegan’s life since he left the womb. Doctors have found a donor to help him, his own father.

The Shannons welcomed their son to the world with a challenge. His kidneys had a urine backup. A condition that’s left the 11-year-old boy with plenty of hurdles.

“I’ve been sick on my birthday multiple times. I was sick last year on Christmas for three days,” said Finnegan.

Finnegan eventually grew enough to get dialysis. But, past that, doctors did not have great hope he would survive.

“That was really difficult. When we talked to the doctors, we asked how can we get him to make it? You know, to grow,” stated Dan Shannon.

Finnegan has grown. Doctors now say he can get a kidney transplant. He’ll receive it Thursday from his father. It’ll be nerve-wracking for Finnegan’s mother, Anne.

“Two surgeries at the same time in two hospitals. I feel like being split into two, so I could be in both places at once,” said Anne.

After 11 years of blood tests, organ matching and waiting Finnegan will get a break from the hospital.

“I’ve probably given blood 500 times,” said Finnegan. “Probably taken shots over 1,000 times and seen the doctor 2,000 times.”

“I can’t think of anything better I can do with my life. I would do anything for him,” said Dan Shannon.

The Shannons told News 4 the doctor leading Thursday’s surgery has done it about 500 times over the last 12 years.