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LOS ANGELES – In Los Angeles the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted the request of a young boy with a rare genetic disorder.

Two things keep 8-year-old Dylan Prunty going, according to his mother.

The doctors at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. And Legos.

Dylan combined his life savers when the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted him a wish.

He asked for the Lego Masters to design a Lego replica of the hospital, complete with a helicopter pad, the cafeteria, the gift shop, even an operating room.

Dylan had surgery just this week.

“They saved my life, and we live here,” he said.

Over the past two years, Dylan has spent more time at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles than he has at home, being treated for mitochondrial disorder.

Mitochondria are responsible for creating 90 percent of the energy the body needs to sustain life.

It presents differently in every child.

For Dylan, his immune and digestive systems don’t work well.

He hasn’t eaten solid food in two years and he is plagued by kidney stones.

And that’s where the Legos come in, to distract the pain.

Dylan’s Lego-building skills have far surpassed his peers.

Dylan’s prognosis is unclear.

He’s the only known child in the world who has this type of mitochondrial disorder.