OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Labor Commissioner candidate, Representative Sean Roberts, has spoken out about a brick allegedly being thrown at his home

Brick and window. Image from Sean Roberts press release.

“I have seen some dirty campaigning in Oklahoma in my life, and have been a part of some heated races in my six terms in the Oklahoma House of Representatives,” said Representative Roberts. “Nothing was as dirty as what recently happened to my home and family.”

Representative Roberts has commented on the campaigning advertisements of Labor Commissioner, Leslie Osborn. He believes those ads may be what caused the incident.

“The blame for this incident lays squarely at the feet of my opponent, Leslie Osborn, for the negative and salacious ads she has been running against me,” Representative Roberts said in the press release. “I call on Leslie Osborn to immediately pull her campaign’s hateful ads, and apologize for the damage her salacious ads have caused me and my family.”

KFOR reached out to the Osborn campaign for reaction.

“Mr. Roberts should contact the proper law enforcement authorities and the offender prosecuted to the limits of the law. It is, however, outrageous and indefensible for him to suggest that this has anything to do with an advertisement based on sworn statements and court filings that document Mr. Roberts’ domestic abuse and failure to pay child support. He may very well be a victim of vandalism today, but his Tennessee divorce proceedings are an official record of his actions as a victimizer.”

The Osborn Campaign