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OKLAHOMA CITY — Wednesday Oklahoma State Representative, Joe Dorman, will introduce a bill to pay for school saferooms for public schools in Oklahoma.

Representative Dorman has championed the issue of building safer schools and currently exploring a run for governor in 2014.

According to Dorman, his bill will be have the exact same language as the petition filed back in September to place a measure funding school saferooms on a state ballot.

If passed, the legislation would put before voters the question of whether or not the state could issue a $500 million state bond to fund the construction of school storm shelters.

According to Dorman, the debt would not come from state general funds, but be serviced by the revenue collected from a franchise tax, scheduled for reinstatement this year.

The campaign ran into a snag last year when Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt, altered the language of the state question.

The State Supreme Court is currently considering the language, and an extension on the time frame allowed to obtain the 155,000 signatures required to put the issue to a vote of the people.

Representative Dorman appeared on the NewsChannel 4 morning show Wednesday to talk about the proposed legislation.

Dorman and told Kent Ogle and Ali Meyer, “I’m an optimistic kind of guy. I think we’ll have a chance to get it passed this time.”

The non-profit organization which backed the plan, Take Shelter Oklahoma, is still waiting on the Oklahoma State Supreme Court to rule on their question about allowing additional time to obtain signatures because of that disagreement with the Attorney’s General’s proposed language for the state question.