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GEORGETOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A teenager was taken into custody after making a massive mistake.

Authorities say 19-year-old Brady Veltman was arrested for first-degree home invasion after breaking into a police officer’s car.

Audra Guikema said she was getting ready for work when she heard a car alarm go off.

She said, “When I looked out the window, I saw two guys dressed in black, carrying backpacks.”

Her husband, Tim Guikema, who is a former police officer, said he ran out to the garage to grab a bat before heading into the backyard.

Before he got the chance to see what was happened, he noticed his car door was open.

Tim said, “I saw him inside my car and I dropped my phone and grabbed him and we kind of tumbled through this area and then ended out in my driveway.”

According to WXMI, Audra heard her husband and Veltman fighting.

“He starts screaming at me, ‘Call 911,” said Audra. “They were fighting all over the place.”

Once officers arrived, they arrested Veltman for a minor in possession of alcohol, the home invasion charge and possession of drug paraphernalia.