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Story Update 4.22.21: Nathan Holland was found not guilty on all charges.

POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY (KFOR) – A Calvin High School basketball coach is accused of rape.

The coach, Nathan Holland, bonded out of the Pottawatomie County Jail after just one day behind bars. He was booked on complaints of rape.

News 4 confronted him as he was leaving the jail.

“Is it true that you were arrested for forcible sodomy and first-degree rape”

Holland replied, “No.”

The reporter then asked, “What were you arrested for?”

“I don’t know,” said Holland.

“They didn’t tell you what you were arrested for?”

“No,” he said.

Shawnee police confirmed Holland was arrested for the two complaints.

Court documents show a protective order against Holland was filed January 17. In it, the alleged victim claims she met Holland on the dating app Bumble. She says she agreed to meet him at an IHOP, but the plans changed. He told her he booked a room at a nearby Holiday Inn, and the girl met him. She says when she got there, Holland forced her to perform sex acts and then raped her.

“I didn’t rape a minor,” said Holland.

According to the petition, the victim called her parents from the hotel bathroom. They met her in the lobby and called police.

Calvin Public Schools released the following statement:

“The School is aware of alleged actions by a school employee. The employee is on administrative leave until the outcome is known.The safety of students in the district is at the forefront of all actions we may take in this situation.”

We asked Holland if he raped a a minor. He replied, “No.”

The reporter then asked, “So the girl you had sex with was not a minor?”

“No,” said Holland.

“How did you know that?”

“Because it was posted on [Bumble] that she was 21 years old,” said Holland.

It is still unclear whether or not the victim is a minor, but News 4 expects to learn more next week.

Story by KFOR reporter Taylor Adams