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OKLAHOMA CITY – A puppy was tossed into a dumpster like a bag of trash, and it was all caught on camera. “I saw a female lady that had taken a dog by the neck, walked it across the parking lot, carrying it and chucked it into the dumpster,” said C.R. Head. Head is the property manger at the Red Rose Apartments in northwest Oklahoma City. He was shocked when he went back to look at surveillance video from last Tuesday. “It’s very disturbing, you know. They left it there for about 10 -15 minutes, crawled back in the dumpster, threw the dog back on the ground,” he said. Police were called and arrived shortly after. But, since there was no dog in the dumpster, no official report was made. Head said he has a good idea who the woman is who threw away the puppy. “I don’t know the exact relationship to the person that lives here; I do know who it is,” he said. Head told News 4 that the other lady in the video lives in the complex. We knocked on her door. But, no one answered. Head told us, with the video and a shot of the lady’s license plate, it should be easy for officials to take action. “It needs some attention brought to it. If they are going to do that to an animal, what if they do that to another human being,” he said. News 4 showed the video to the superintendent of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare. Jon Gary watched it and said it was absolutely a clear instance of animal cruelty. “Definitely this is something our officers will be investigating and there is potential even felony-level cruelty. Obviously, that is a very cruel act,” Gary said. At this time the dog is believed to be in the custody of the woman seen in the video. Animal Welfare is conducting an investigation.