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OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma City Family Justice Center has received $55,000 in grants to fund their inaugural Kids’ Hope initiative and go towards funding the first year of Camp HOPE America in OKC this July.

The organization received a $30,000 grant from Verizon and a $25,000 grant from the Inasmuch Foundation .

Camp HOPE America is an evidence-based, multi-agency camping and mentoring program for children who have witnessed domestic violence.

Camp HOPE OKC is part of Camp Hope America, which has over a dozen locations in five states.

“Our goal is to help break the generational cycle of domestic abuse. At Camp HOPE America in OKC , we plan to provide kids with a safe, fun environment so they can just be kids and learn they are not alone in the hardships they face,” said Kim Garrett, OKC Family Justice Center Project Director.

“We want to walk alongside these children to demonstrate our commitment to supporting them long after camp is over with tools to combat their fears, build their confidence and begin the process of healing.”

Children exposed to domestic violence are at a greater risk for depression, social isolation, physical and psychological aggression, and are more likely to perpetuate the cycle of domestic violence.

“We want to thank our partners and their generous gifts to make this camp possible and support this incredible vision to break the generational cycle of family violence one child at a time,” Garrett concluded.

Camp HOPE America in OKC will be held at the YMCA CAMP CLASSEN in Davis, Okla., from July 24-30.

To refer a child or become a mentor, please contact Melissa Elder, Kids’ Hope Coordinator at 405-463-HEAL or via email at