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OKLAHOMA CITY – With medical marijuana sales now in full swing, cannabis enthusiasts are trying to change Oklahoma’s image of being the wild west of marijuana.

Cannabis college, aka Hempstaff Dispensary Agent Training, took place Saturday at the Embassy Suites by Will Rogers airport.

Organizers say the class gives aspiring medical marijuana employees and owners the history, science and legal education they need to be successful in a business that is growing fast in Oklahoma.

“Really excited about the changes that are happening in Oklahoma,” said student Tau Benefield.

As medical marijuana hits its stride in Oklahoma, the business of cannabis is now taking center stage. Today, a national company called Hempstaff holding two four-hour classes for people interested in getting into the industry.

“We teach a very comprehensive course in medical cannabis…from beginning to end cultivation processing and working in a dispensary is where we focus on dispensary agent training,” said Farrah Vorhauer of

Instructors say they teach the history of the plant along with the science behind it.

Students say they get a heaping helping of hemp information.

“I felt like I learned almost too much. I learned a lot. Having this versus not having this, you will be able to have the knowledge to give the patients when the come into the dispensary vs not knowing anything at all,” Tyler Ridenour, Hempstaff student.

“I just wanted to be more knowledgeable about medical marijuana and changes that might be coming,” said Benefield.

Instructors say those changes are covered, too. Medical marijuana laws are in their infancy in Oklahoma, they are sure to evolve with the industry. Instructors say it’s important to stay on top of the latest legislation. They say their training focuses on that.

“Right now a majority of the rules are emergency rules right now but as the laws change and time goes on the owners are going to need to understand those regulations to make sure their employees are following those regulations to make sure they don’t get shut down bc that’s just a waste of money,” said Vorhauer.

With dispensaries and growing operations opening daily in Oklahoma, Hempstaff says their training prepares potential employees to land that job in the cannabis industry.

“We give them the courage to go in and be prepared for an interview and the tips that they would need to get into this industry and be an asset,” said Vorhauer.

The next Oklahoma course is slated for Tulsa in April. For more information, click here.