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OKLAHOMA CITY – Countless people were disconnected Friday after their cell service was cut.

“Phone don’t work! Can’t make a call, can’t receive a call,” said AT&T customer Rick Leader.

The phone company says someone cut a cable.

“Some wireless customers in parts of Oklahoma City and surrounding areas may be experiencing issues with service due to a fiber cut caused by a road construction crew. Technicians are onsite and working to repair the cable as quickly as possible,” said Chris Lester with AT&T’s public relations.

In Stillwater, customers flocked to the store.

“Everyone’s asking about their phones. It’s over a two and a half hour wait though,” said Austin Eleftherakis.

In Luther, the tag agency was out of commission.

“As a tag agent, you only make money on the customers that walk through your door,” said Audrey Stoner. “So, if I’m turning customers away because of the phone services not working and the computers not working.”

It was more than just an inconvenience.

“My brother has heart conditions and he was getting calls from the heart institute over in Tulsa and he couldn’t receive them,” said Leader.

By late afternoon, AT&T released the following statement:

“Service has been restored for customers in parts of Oklahoma City and the surrounding area who were affected when a road construction crew damaged a fiber cable.”

This is the third outage for Oklahoma AT&T customers in three months.