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CASHION, Okla. – Tensions were high at a Thursday night Cashion Town Hall meeting after several showed up in support of Debra Hamil, a woman who was arrested after refusing to sign for an $80 traffic ticket.

The meeting even had extra security in case things got out of control.

Several were in attendance to address the Cashion Police Department, saying it needs to be firm but also fair.

“I’ve made several comments and then taken them down but of course I support my friend,” Lynda Lenhart said.

Lynda Lenhart is part of a tight-knit group calling themselves the Old Ladies Against Tazing.

She came to tonight’s regularly scheduled Board of Trustee’s meeting and when asked if there were any open comments.

There were.

Several were in attendance to support their friend Debra Hamil.

“Debra did snap and I can’t blame her,” Lenhart said. “She’s gone through a lot through the past few years.”

It was a seemingly innocent traffic stop that took the world by storm.

Hamil was pulled over for a busted taillight. The entire tailgate was smashed in.

“You don’t even give a warning for this,” Hamil said.

“You’ve been driving this way for 6 months,” the officer said.

“I’m truthful,” Hamil said.

The 65-year-old also made it very clear she didn’t want to sign an $80 ticket.

After a short police chase and a brief wrestling round on a parking lot ground, Hamil was arrested and charged with felony assault and battery.

But the video is still causing a divide. Some are unhappy with the way the Cashion police officer handled the case.

“I think it’s all gone a little bit overboard,” Lenhart said.

The Cashion Police Department is not commenting on the video due to pending litigation.

However, the chief made it clear during Thursday night’s meeting he backs his officers.

In the officer’s bodycam video you can hear him make it clear to Hamil that he is doing his job of law enforcement.

“You may not like the laws but we are here to enforce them,” the officer said. “You guys are going to learn the hard way that we aren’t going to put up with it.”

Hamil’s attorney tells News 4 they are still seeking all legal options.