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EDMOND, Okla. – A cat trapped for three weeks in a storage unit was found Thursday.

‘Donut’ is her name, and she is doing remarkably well.

“She’s jumping around and climbing up on the furniture and meowing,” said Alex Scogin.

“I love her,” said Lily Scogin.

A few days after her first vet visit, the Scogin’s pet vanished.

“One day, she was just not there, and I was like, ‘Mom, I haven’t seen Donut all day. Where is she?'” Lily said. “And, we were like, ‘Maybe, she just went to another house, and they were feeding her, so she just stayed.'”

Around that time, their neighbor, Jenny Wagnon was moving out.

“So, I had finished moving on January 1st and locked up my PODS, and they came and picked them up the morning of January 2nd, and that was kind of it,” Wagnon said.

Since then, her PODS have been sitting at an Oklahoma City warehouse.

21 days later, an employee made a strange discovery.

“He basically said he was walking through the warehouse and could hear a cat meowing from my POD,” Wagnon said.

Wagnon drove down to check it out.

“We just opened that door, and she just walked right out,” Wagnon said.

A skinner version of little miss Donut was alive and ready to roam.

“She just wanted to be held. We got her a little cup of water, and she drank that really fast,” Wagnon said. “I put her in my car. She rode for a little while perched out the window meowing.”

Just how the cat survived remains a mystery.

“I have no idea what she was doing in there for 21 days, but I guess we’ll figure that out when I unpack,” Wagon said.

“One of her nine lives now down to eight,” Alex said.

The Scogins said they thought Donut was pregnant before she disappeared.

It turns out, she just gained some weight, because several neighbors were feeding her.

So, it seems packing some pounds did her some good.