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OKLAHOMA CITY,Okla. – A mystery in the Mesta Park neighborhood.

Residents said their pet cats are disappearing and fear it has some connection with Halloween that’s just around the corner.

Mesta Park is a rather quiet community but, just over the past couple of months, people’s pet cats have come up missing, and neighbors said they don’t think they just ran away.

“This is Dart, 4-year-old neutered male, missing since August 2nd, Esteban, 10-year-old neutered male, missing since August 13th,” said Lisa Okeke, whose cats are missing.

Okeke has lived in Mesta Park for at least a decade.

“They would go across the street, but they would always come home,” Okeke said.

In all those years, her cats have never run away.

“The morning they both disappeared, when they didn’t show up to eat, I knew that there was something wrong,” Okeke said. “They know, when they hear that sound, food is ready for them.”

But, not even the cat kibble was enough to bring the felines home.

“We just can’t figure it out,” Okeke said.

This woman said it’s not a Halloween mystery.

“I honestly think they’re being trapped and being taken far, far away, and that’s what’s so sad about it – we’ll never know the outcome of these cats,” Okeke said. “I don’t know what kind of hatred you might have for these animals, but we love these animals, and we want them back.”

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