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MOORE,  Okla. – The Vaughn Foods employee accused of beheading a coworker and attacking another after being fired is still recovering after being shot by a reserve deputy.

30-year-old Alton Nolen was rushed to OU Medical for treatment Thursday.

An altercation between officers and the suspect’s family was caught on camera inside the hospital.

Edward Cargle, the man behind the camera, goes to church with some of Alton Nolen’s family members.

Tempers flared as several of Nolen’s family members were confronted by police officers after trying to visit different areas of the hospital.

Cargle grabbed his camera phone to record because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Busy with his sick wife, Cargle says he hadn’t had time to hear the news about what happened at Vaughn Foods Thursday.

He wanted to take the Nolens to see his wife just a few floors away but officers didn’t want them going anywhere.

“One of the first things the nurse said was, you have to understand our perception,” says Cargle. “It looks like you’re trying to sneak her back here. I said are you serious?”

He says at that point the family had not seen or spoken to Alton, so the nurses and officers thought Cargle was trying to sneak them around to figure out a way to get to him.

In the video a nurse says, “They’ve been up here for hours trying to get in.”

At the time, Cargle didn’t understand why the Nolens couldn’t just visit with his wife.

In the video Cargle says, “Me and this lady was just trying to go back here and visit and pray with my wife.”

“I don’t know what ya’ll have going on over here and I don’t care what you have going on over here,” says Cargle. “We want to go see my wife and pray.”

Carlge says Thursday night he had no idea what was going on or why there were so many police officers in the hospital, but he knew it was serious.

In the video a nurse says, “You don’t understand what has taken place today.”

Alton Nolen is still in the hospital tonight under guarded condition.

As soon as he is cleared by doctors he will be placed under arrest.