MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A local eyecare center is out thousands of dollars after someone was caught on camera stealing expensive frames.

Even with a bounty of cameras, the store owner of Pearle Vision in Midwest City said a two-time thief has managed to snatch thousands of dollars in high end frames in plain sight.

“On the retail alone, there [are] sixteen cameras,” said the owner-operator Torry Elston.

“She has came into our store [Pearle Vision Midwest City] and stolen thousands of dollars worth of our frames,” added Elston in an interview with KFOR.

Discouraged by the latest theft earlier this week, Elston took to social media to ask the community for help identifying the woman.

“A lady and her son came in, said they were shopping for glasses for him and basically wanted us just to help him,” Torry said.

“The first time she was here, it was Dolce and Gabbana and Versace. And then this time it was strictly Versace,” Christine Sturgess, a store employee stated.

Surveillance video shows the woman inspecting the glasses before stuffing some down the front of her shirt.

Christine said she attempted to help the woman’s son find glasses, but also said she recognized the woman from the first time she’d stolen from store.

“I started to help the son [like she asked], but also out of memory, thinking about her and noticing some of the characteristics from her, I suspected that it might be her,” she continued.

Christine said she looked up and saw frames missing from a display near where the woman was standing. She told KFOR she tried to catch her in the act, but was too late; when she tried to point out the missing glasses, the woman grabbed her son and rushed out.

“She told her son, ‘We need to go and they walked straight for the door,” said Christine.

Elston said because the business is not a corporate franchise, he is directly responsible for the costs of replacing the frames, partially purchased using business loans.

 “We’re going to have to charge someone else more just to try and recoup the price,” he added.

“Now we have to buy [more frames] and still pay back the loan, too.”

“When things like this happen, it affects me personally,” she added.

“I look at it as if it were my store, and I wouldn’t want somebody to do that to me.”

Torry said he’s considering other options to beef up security in the store, including additional surveillance and sensors at the door.

If you can help identify the thief, please contact the Midwest City Police Department and reference Police Report Number: 22-05367.