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GRADY CO., Okla. – The Chief of Police in Cement has been arrested by Grady County officials after allegedly offering a 16-year-old girl money for sex.

“It’s embarrassing… it’s a shame. I read that- it’s just embarrassing,” said Cement resident Dan Moody.

Cement residents shocked to learn of the arrest of town police chief Stacy Burger.

The 40-year-old facing charges of Soliciting Child Prostitution.

According to police records, Burger had known the 16-year-old girl for 5 years.

The girl calling him a “father figure” and a “ role model.”

Back in March, Burger, married with 4 kids, arranged to meet the girl in an alley behind her home in Chickasha. When she got in his car, Burger allegedly “asked her if she wants to make some money.”

He reportedly tells her he will give her “a lot of money” if she will perform oral sex on him. The girl refused, that’s when Burger allegedly asked her if one of her underage friends would do it, asking her to contact the friend. The victim again refused.

Police say Burger then left but later texted the victim allegedly saying “please don’t rat me out” and that “I didn’t think about your age.”

Later when questioned by Chickasha Police, Burger allegedly admitted to having propositioned the victim saying,

“I was off duty, in my own car which wasn’t tied to my job at all.”

Police say he also “admitted to trying to contact a second juvenile female for oral sex.”

The arrest of their police chief on Monday leaves the town of Cement without a full-time law enforcement official.

The town trustees held a meeting on Tuesday. They issued a statement saying in part,

“The town has been informed of the charges against Officer Burger and we are closely monitoring the situation.”

Officials went on to add that a deputy from the Caddo County Sheriff’s Department will now be on duty in Cement.

“I don’t feel too bad, but I am a little sad that we don’t have one specific person here,” said Annette Jackson, Cement resident.

The victim told police that Burger was not in uniform that day in March, but did have his gun on “like he always does.”

Because of that,  Burger is also facing the charge of use of a firearm while committing a felony.