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OKLAHOMA CITY – Protesters showed up in force outside the trial of a former Oklahoma City police officer.
Tuesday morning, a fifth accuser took the stand, alleging Holtzclaw assaulted her during a traffic stop. 
The woman told jurors she was walking down the street when Holtzclaw pulled up to run her criminal history, leaving her handcuffed on the curb. 
She claims once that criminal check was complete, Holtzclaw grabbed her breasts while removing the handcuffs. 
Outside the courtroom, close to 100 protesters marched around the building with signs in hand. 
As their numbers grew, so too did their volume. The chants grew so loud they could be heard inside the courtroom.
Judge Timothy Henderson advised the jury that they must ‘disregard the noise outside the courtroom.’ 
As the accuser’s testimony continued, defense attorneys discussed her extensive history of ‘lying to law enforcement.’
The woman, who is currently incarcerated in Oklahoma County for a parole violation, admitted to giving police several different names over the years. 
Attorney Scott Adams also pointed out the woman has been convicted seven times for fighting with police. 
As the trial moved into the afternoon, a lieutenant with Oklahoma City Police took the stand. 
The lieutenant discussed how he poured through months of Holtzclaw’s police activity, looking for his encounters with women who have a history of prostitution and/or drug use. 
Through that search, he ultimately came up with a packet filled with information, which he handed over to detectives. That information was not released.
Testimony for week three will wrap up Wednesday evening.