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CHICKASHA, Okla. – Chickasha police were called to the 800 block of E. Choctaw Avenue on reports of a three-year-old child walking in the highway on US 62.

“The little girl was walking right here and then a truck had came and slammed on its brakes and picked the little girl up and then was walking around looking for parents,” said Eric Montgomery, who lives nearby.

Montgomery did not know the little girl, even though she lived just a few doors down from him.

He said she was crying.

“She was just saying she wanted to go home and we couldn’t figure out where she lived,” said Montgomery.

Police came out and eventually a man and woman drove up and said the little girl belonged to them.

They indicated there was another child inside their trailer home, so police went inside.

According to court documents, the officer “noticed a strong odor of feces, urine and other foul odors.”

He found a baby in a crib “shaking and screaming” and “noticed the baby had an old diaper with a large amount of feces and urine” and “feces down the leg of the baby.”

They couldn’t locate a diaper to change the baby, so the officer took her to the kitchen sink to wash her off and “noticed small pieces of skin fall from the baby’s buttocks because it was stuck to the feces.”

“I was shocked. Like, I couldn’t even imagine that happening to anybody. Like, children are so innocent and defenseless,” said neighbor, Jessica Witcher.

Police also “noticed that the baby’s crib had rat or mouse feces, dried milk in a sippy cup and stains that appeared to be caused by feces and food in it.”

The children were taken into protective custody.

Darien Jeffers and Jazzmine Bennett were both arrested and taken to jail.

Police also found drug paraphernalia inside the home.