HARRAH, Okla. (KFOR) – A single vehicle fatal car accident has left two dead including a child in the city of Harrah on North Dobbs Road. One child along with a man have died and police are still investigating how it happened. 

“About 6:20 tonight, we got a phone call that a vehicle had crashed in the area. Officers arrived and found a truck in the retaining pond behind us,” said Marty Burns, the chief of police for city of Harrah. 

There were four people in the pickup truck when it happened, one adult and three children. The two children who survived are now being treated at the hospital. 

“I have one of my officers at the hospital at O.U. right now. The last time we checked, they were being treated for injuries. I’m not sure how extensive. I can tell you that when we arrived on scene, they were walking around, and it seemed to be minor injuries at the best,” said Burns. 

Marty Burns, the chief of police for city of Harrah, said according to witnesses they were leaving from a nearby church.  

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is on scene investigating and still determining the cause of the incident.  

“This doesn’t happen very often. I mean, we have our fair share of accidents and wrecks, but this is unusual here in Harrah, especially in this residential area,” said Burns. 

Try and avoid North Dobbs Road if you are in the area. 

Police say this is an ongoing investigation and we will continue to update you as more information becomes available.