Grant and Kay County damage

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We started out our day yesterday surveying the damage at Pond Creek on Hwy 60.

We noticed slight damage to what appeared to be the fire station, as well as a gas station awning and a garage that was still in the framing process.

We left Pond Creek and headed north above Hwy 84 which lied us into Jefferson.

Jefferson was in good shape, some slight flooding on a few roads in town and minor roof damage, but all in all, they were missed.

We left Jefferson and headed northwest and we found a string of power lines down about 8 miles west of Medford along Hwy 11.

Seven miles west of Medford along Hwy 11 there was an implement barn completely taken out, leaving tractors and combines covered in wood and tin.

From the air, it appeared that the tornado stayed about a quarter-mile north of Hwy 11 and headed eastbound.

From about 7 miles west of Medford to about 3 miles east, power lines were down leaving OG&E and local Electric Co-Op’s to pick up the mess.

Two and a half miles east of Medford the tornado hit another barn and grain silo, leaving debris scattered for miles taking out power lines leaving them lying across Hwy 11 causing the road to close.

We continued east on Hwy 11 towards Deer Creek.

This is where we saw our first real house damage, which took off the back porch roof and again another barn.

Still eastbound over Hwy 11, we made it to the Nardin Co-Op were the storm had moved a grain silo and unrolled it placing it on the office building.

Luckily, the building still was intact.

From Nardin the storm took a turn south for about two miles completely destroying two farms and again all there barns.

We continued southwest to Lamont where the damage appeared to be from straight line winds leaving empty grain silos left on their side.

Our last stop was in Tonkawa where we flew over the day before to film the flood damage, and it only got worse.

The bridge that runs over the Arkansas River on Hwy 77 that leads into Tonkawa was, from our vantage point, about 4 feet above the water and it was still rising.

Roads that the day before only had a few feet of water over them, were completely covered now.

Luckily for Grant and Kay County we don’t have any rain for a few days and they can get a chance to dry out.


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