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It’s hard to miss a billboard that says “Strip for me – Jesus” and it’s even more startling to find out the sign’s creator is a church.

It’s located outside an Alabama gentlemen’s club.

“I’m blown away,” Mike McClure. Jr. said, Pastor of The Rock Church. “We didn’t put this sign up with the mindset that the world would notice but I think it’s the fulfillment of scripture.”

The sign has been up since Monday.

But The Rock church, the ones who put the billboard up, are getting calls from American TV networks and others outside the country on the church’s unique paraphrasing of Hebrews: 12:1.

“It’s crystal clear, strip off every weight and sin that so easily slows us down,” he said.

Their mission is to deter people from watching the stripper pole to turning their attention instead, to the pulpit.

“They say you should go out among the people and talk to them and preach to them,” Carl Hardy said, supporter of the sign. “So I figure that’s what they’re doing so it’s a good thing.”

“It should grab attention,” Thomas Thornton said. “What’s wrong with it? I mean, you know, it’s ministry.”

“I think it gets a lot of people’s attention,” Betty Williams said. “Whether they heed to it or not I don’t know but I think reading that sign says a whole lot.”

After several calls to “The Palace Gentlemen’s Club” no answer and their voicemail was full.