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OKLAHOMA CITY — One of the fastest races in motorsports is looking to make Oklahoma City home in the next couple of years.

The City Council has agreed to allow IndyCar to scout OKC for possible locations for a race in 2017 or 2018.

Mayor Mick Cornett says a representative from the circuit approached him.

“There are several steps that have to happen before I would call this serious but it’s nice that people are noticing us,” he said. “This is a promoter that’s already doing a high-profile race in Boston and when they look at Oklahoma City as a potential market, we should feel good about it.”

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Cornett says he tried to bring a race to his city five or six years ago, but the Council turned him down, at a time when a number of downtown streets were already under construction.

This time, he’s not sure there’s a viable public space available, but he says there’s no harm in letting IndyCar come check things out.

“I think we should look at this as a validation of Oklahoma City’s ascension as a big player for sports,” he said. “If they look at the success of the Thunder they wonder what else the market could support and they want to at least inquire about Oklahoma City’s interest.”

The mayor says he was not given a definitive timeline, but expects IndyCar to get back to him within a few months if the circuit is interested.