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CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. – A case of elder abuse out of Cleveland County allegedly came from the hands of a family member.

“The conditions of the house were horrendous,” said Sheriff Todd Gibson, Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office.

Murder and abuse charges have been filed against 45-year-old Shauna Brown, who was the primary caretaker of her elderly mother, 73-year-old Sharon Ingram.

Ingram died of sepsis shock in the hospital last August.

In May of the same year, she was found wandering the road near her Newalla home that she shared with Brown.

The hospital found severe infections on her lower legs. One wound was bloody and was infested with maggots.

Adult Protective Services investigated Brown’s care of Ingram in 2017 and opened a new case in May 2018.

According to court documents, two months later, in July of 2018, Ingram fell to the floor at her home.

The affidavit said, “…Brown, discovered the victim on the same day and was unable to get her off the floor. Instead of contacting emergency services, Brown left Ingram on the floor for 12 days.”

“On the ground was plywood with fecal matter on the ground. The urine smell penetrating throughout the house. Just really deplorable conditions,” Gibson said.

According to Brown’s statement to Adult Protective Services, she said she did not call for medical assistance until her mother had been unresponsive for 24 hours.

Ingram stayed at the hospital under a doctor’s care, responding only to pain stimuli, until she was pronounced dead on August 19.

“Speaking with the detectives they indicated this is some of the worst they’ve ever seen,” Gibson said.

Brown has been charged with second-degree murder and abuse/exploitation/neglect of a vulnerable adult.

She is currently in jail on a $300,000 bond.