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COLBERT, Okla. – The police chief of a small southern Oklahoma town has resigned from his position after reported ties to neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups surfaced.

Bart Alsbrook, 49, telling News 4 in a text message Thursday night he resigned from the Colbert Police Department Tuesday.

Last week, KXII reported Alsbrook’s name was registered to two neo-Nazi websites, ISD Records and NS88 (both listed Denison, Texas P.O. boxes for contacts). The sites sold various types of Nazi, neo-Nazi and white supremacist materials.

KXII reported the two sites were taken down after Alsbrook was contacted about them.

Two foreign documentaries also appear to feature Alsbrook as a United States member of “Blood & Honour.” News 4 received a tip about the films Tuesday.

In the text conversation with News4 Thursday, Alsbrook sent a meme (a piece of information often shared widely in social media) featuring a woman on her knees wearing what appears to be medieval-type armor and resting a sword on her shoulder with accompanying text, “It doesn’t matter who you used to be; it matters who you have become.”

Alsbrook followed up the image saying, “Think about that picture.”

After the first reports of Alsbrook’s connections to the racist websites surfaced, he told the Tulsa World last Saturday he would resign his post as interim police chief and reserve officer.

The Southern Poverty Law Center lists a “Bart Alsbrook” as the “Blood & Honour USA Texas coordinator” for a Denison, Texas-based racist video and hate music label, ISD Records. The SPLC lists “Blood & Honour” as a racist skinhead group that originated in England.

According to records from the United States Patent Office, a trademark for “Blood Honor” was filed in 2005 by a Bart Alsbrook, listing a Denison address. The mark was abandoned a year later.

The Tulsa World reported Alsbrook claimed his identity was stolen in the 1990s and neo-Nazis had used it for years.

But films made by Swiss filmaker Daniel Schweitzer appear to contradict that claim. The films, “Skinhead Attitude” from 2003 and “White Terror” from 2005, highlight the connections between racist, neo-Nazi and skinhead groups across the globe. Both films have been uploaded by various users on YouTube.

In both films, Schweizer travels to the United States and meets with a Texas man named “Bart.” In “White Terror,” it shows Schweizer traveling to Denison to meet Bart.

Denison is across the state line from Colbert.

“The white race is being bred out; other races have more children than the white race,” said the man named Bart in the film.

“That’s him,” said John Poss, a former town council member. “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and flies like a duck, it’s a duck. Well, that was Mr. Alsbrook.”

News 4 wanted to ask the town’s elected officials about the matter. But when I walked into the town hall, I was told no one would speak to the news media and was referred to the sheet of paper taped to the door.

“Employees are to respect the confidentiality of Town Business (sic),” read the print out. “Any News Release to the Press of other Media concerning Town Business shall be given only by persons designated by the Town Administrator/Manager or the Mayor (sic).”

So we went to Mayor Roxanne Reed’s home. When we knocked, no one answered the door.

However News 4 did speak with Reed on Monday, telling us she stands behind whatever the town’s recently appointed council spokesman said.

“Whatever (Jerry Harrell) told you is correct,” said Reed, who is black, through her screen door, refusing to talk on camera. “He is the spokesperson for the council and he has our full support.”

“As far as the council is concerned, they don’t want Mr. Alsbrook to tender his resignation?” I asked Harrell Monday.

“No, because they did their research to hire him, and the city has laws as well they have to follow and we`re governed by the Oklahoma Municipal League,” said Harrell, a town employee who works as in the town’s water department.

“And they have laws we have to go by, so when they hired this fella` they thought they were hiring the best man for the job.”

“From the research they did on him, he’s qualified, he’s (Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training) certified.”

CLEET confirmed to News 4 that a Bart Anthony Alsbrook, 49, is certified in the state of Oklahoma as a reserve officer.

Calls for comment from Harrell went unreturned Thursday.

During the text message conversation with Alsbrook Thursday, I offered him multiple opportunities to talk with News 4 about his side of the story.

“I’m willing to listen if you’re willing to talk,” I wrote.

“The media never tells a fair story,” he replied.