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OKLAHOMA CITY – Packing heat at the State Capitol could soon be legal.

An Oklahoma lawmaker wants to allow folks with a valid license to carry guns in the capitol.

The idea has been introduced more than once in the past, but it has always been shot down.

News4 talked to a couple people who say they have regular meetings at the capitol. Many said they feel safe just the way it is right now; only letting law enforcement carry guns inside the capitol.

Some folks also said it would make them uncomfortable.

State law currently prohibits people carrying guns at the capitol, but that could change.

Senator David Bullard proposed Senate Bill 38, which would allow people with a conceal and carry license to bring a gun inside the capitol.

They would go through a security checkpoint with a weapon after showing their license.

Some said that’s terrifying.

Currently, law enforcement can bring guns in, but they have to sign in and let security know they have it.

But, a few folks News4 spoke to said they worry about someone having an emotional response to something or a trigger in someway.

News4 also reached out to Senator Bullard multiple times for an interview and he did not get back with us.

He told the Tulsa World that it’s a “common sense gun bill that would let people protect themselves.”

This bill has been introduced more than once in the past, without success.

It’s unclear if lawmakers are more included this year to make the state capitol more welcoming to gun-carriers.

The bill states, if this passes, it would go into effect in November of 2019.