Cooking with Kyle: Bring the fair food home with fried oreos

Cooking with Kyle
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OKLAHOMA CITY – There’s a quick and easy way to enjoy ‘fair food’ at home without the crowd.

Why not make fried oreos yourself? This recipe will yield 18 to 20 oreos.

1 C Pancake Mix (any will be fine)
2/3 C Milk
1 Egg
1/4 t Vanilla
1.5 T Oil (any but Olive)
4-5 C Cooking Oil
18-20 Oreo Cookies
Powdered Sugar (for sprinkling/rolling)
Place Oreo Cookies in freezer for an hour or so.

In a mixing bowl, whisk together first five ingredients. Batter should be smooth and thoroughly blended.

Using a pot with 6″+ sides, electric skillet or portable fryer, pour in oil, ensuring that oil is 2″+ deep. Preheat cooking oil to 350 degrees.

Dunk cookies in batter to coat thoroughly. Using tongs or spoon, carefully drop coated cookie(s) into hot oil.

Total cooking time is 2-3 minutes; depending on depth of oil, cookies may need to be turned/flipped after roughly one minute of cooking.

Drain on paper towel lined cookie sheet. Allow to drain/cool before sprinkling or rolling in powdered sugar.

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