Cooking with Kyle: Broccoli salad wtih bleu cheese and bacon

Cooking with Kyle
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OKLAHOMA CITY – This recipe is a fantastic, crunchy compliment to any grilled meat – and sure to be a hit!

5 C chopped fresh broccoli
5 C chopped fresh cabbage
2 C shredded fresh carrots
2 C shredded purple cabbage
1.5 C chopped red onion
1.5 C bacon bits – about a pound cooked, crumbled
4-6 oz Bleu (or any other veined cheese) crumbled
2.5 C mayo
1/4 C cider vinegar
1 t salt
1 t black pepper

Whisk together mayo, vinegar and salt/pepper until smooth

In a large bowl, toss together fresh vegetables. Drizzle dressing over and toss again. Toss in cheese and bacon until thoroughly combined. Cover and refrigerate a minimum of 4 hours before serving . Serves 10. Recipe may be halved.

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