Cooking with Kyle: Three easy chocolate mousse recipes

Cooking with Kyle
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OKLAHOMA CITY – This easy recipe allows for three distinctly different flavors simply by changing an ingredient or two. When it comes to chocolate, one is never enough! Enjoy!

Traditional Chocolate Mousse:
8oz 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate
2 C cold whipping cream
4 eggs, room temperature
2 T sugar

Place mixing bowl and beaters in freezer for a few minutes to throughly chill. Whip 2 C (16oz) whipping cream until firm. Place whipped cream in refrigerator.

In a double boiler over lightly simmering water, melt chocolate. Be careful not to overheat and scorch chocolate.

While chocolate is melting, beat 4 room temperature eggs and 2 T sugar until very thick and foamy – 8-10 minutes.

Carefully and thoroughly fold melted chocolate and whipped eggs together. Fold chocolate/egg mixture into heavy cream.
*optional: may add 1 T strong coffee or 1 T cognac

Using spatula, fold mousse into individual serving containers or large bowl. Cover and chill until set.

White Chocolate Mousse:
Using same recipe, substitute white chocolate for dark chocolate; add 1 t vanilla extract when folding egg and chocolate mixture together.

Darkest Chocolate Mousse: (Note: this is for the true chocolate lover and is not a sweet mousse. Best served with a full bodied red wine or strong coffee, the sweetness comes from the infused Chantilly cream topping)
Using same recipe, substitute 100% cacao unsweetened chocolate, use 3 T sugar and add 2 T orange or raspberry liqueur when folding egg and chocolate mixture together.
Top with infused Chantilly Cream:
In a chilled bowl, whip 8oz whipping cream, 2 T sugar and 1 T orange or raspberry liqueur until stiff peaks form. Refrigerate immediately until ready for use.

All 3 recipes may be halved. Garnish with fresh berries, shaved chocolate or Chantilly cream. For regular Chantilly cream, substitute 1/2t vanilla extract for liqueur.


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