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CHICKASHA, Okla. – It was supposed to be a celebration for Reding Farm’s 10th fall corn maze. But that celebration is now a disaster.

“It’s very hard to talk about,” said Nancy Reding. “Letting people know is the hardest part.”

Reding and her husband’s 38-acre corn maize was destroyed by bugs.

“He said, ‘oh, my goodness. It was just covered in aphids,’” said Reding.

Aphids, small white insects, covered each plant like glitter.

“There’s thousands just on one leaf,” said Reding. “So, you can imagine a 38-acre maze how many there is out there.”

The maze is the couple’s largest source of annual revenue. Now, they are out more than $10,000. No customers, no maze, and no hayrides.

“Tears. Just my husband’s voice kind of, when he came in to tell me, it was just so devastating to me just to hear how he felt,” said Reding.

The aphids are usually followed by ladybugs, which eat the aphids. But this season, the ladybugs came too late.

“We’re used to mother nature kind of playing on our soul,” said Reding. “So, we just have to move on and say, ‘one day it may be a blessing.’”

Reding says she isn’t sure if they will have the maze next year.