OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Young children in Oklahoma are now able to get COVID-19 vaccines as the United States rolls out shots for children this week.

The Food and Drug Administration greenlighted the Moderna and Pfizer kid shots on Friday and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended them Saturday.

In the U.S., COVID-19 vaccines were first tested and given in late 2020 to health care workers and older adults. Teens and school-age kids were added last year.

Now, shipments of the COVID-19 vaccines for children are starting to arrive at locations across the country.

Officials with the Oklahoma State Department of Health say some of the vaccines that were ordered by the state have arrived. They say they expect more vaccines to arrive throughout the end of the week.

Authorities say the vaccine for infants is not required, but supplies are available for those parents who choose to vaccinate their children.

“We encourage parents and guardians to consult with their child’s healthcare provider to make the best decision for their child,” said Erica Rankin-Riley, with the Oklahoma State Department of Health, in an email to KFOR.

The CDC advises vaccination even for those who already had COVID-19 to protect against reinfection, and says it is OK to get other vaccines at the same time. For the littlest kids, there’s Pfizer’s three-shot series or Moderna’s two shots.