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ITALY (KFOR) – An Air Force family of five is stuck in quarantine near the Northern Italy town of Aviano. A town that’s part of a country where the coronavirus is wreaking havoc.

Amid the historic pandemic, we’ve seen videos of people playing instruments and listening to music on their balconies, trying to stay occupied. For Enid Native Christina Strickland, that mandated quarantine hasn’t been easy.

“I can’t leave the house at all, so I literally do nothing,” she said.

Her Air Force family of five is stuck in a town near Aviano, Italy. According to Strickland, her children, ages 7, 5 and 3 are trying to grasp the magnitude of what’s going on.

“My seven year old really grasps the concept of something bad going on, and he’s terrified he’s going to get sick,” she said.

As of Thursday night, she said they can’t even go into their own front yards. Police have been on the streets enforcing those rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country.

“They’ve got loud speakers and it’s mostly in Italian, but pretty much the brief of it is stay in your homes, don’t go out, you know, just telling us what to do,” Strickland said.

Her husband, Jeremiah, has been in the Air Force for 14 years; he has spent 3 in Italy, so far. Strickland said the military is giving them updates during this pandemic through an app. The news so far hasn’t been good.

“Within the last 24 hours they said they’ve almost reached 6,000 new cases, and I think it was almost 300 deaths,” Strickland said.

According to Strickland, she was told there were three confirmed cases at Aviano Air Base, the place her husband works. Two of them are military members, one of them a spouse.

“We never, never expected this to happen,” Strickland said.

Her husband is the only one allowed to leave the house for groceries or even to get the mail. For now, the Stricklands are trying to stay positive about their situation, urging people to take care of others in this crisis.

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