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OKLAHOMA CITY – A stockpile of personal information was accidentally posted to the Oklahoma County Clerk’s website last week, including social security numbers, birth dates and addresses of employees.

It was posted for 8,700 current and former county employees.

Letters were sent out Wednesday to all those people letting them know their personal information was compromised.

“It was just the wrong file was grabbed,” Danny Lambert said, Chief Deputy and Finance Director for the Oklahoma County Clerk’s office.

According to state statute, the county clerk must annually publish a list of all county employee salaries.

A second file was accidentally attached to that one and it contained all current and former employees’ social security numbers, dates of birth and all contact information.

“We have talked to the person responsible,” Lambert said. “We are dealing with that internally. Like I said this person feels terrible about it. Nobody feels worse. It was an accident.”

The information was on the county clerk’s web page from Thursday night until Saturday night, when someone noticed it.

“Our IT department was able to identify it’s a very limited number of individuals saw it,” Lambert said.

Cristy Cash, with Consumer Credit Counseling Service, said armed with that information, someone could file taxes in your name, get medical insurance or get a credit card.

She said the most important thing for these county employees to do is to file a fraud alert with one of the credit bureas.

“It’s free and they place that fraud alert so that people can’t get credit in your name without you approving it,” Cash said.

County officials said they feel the threat is low but still want their employees to take precautions.

The file was immediately removed from the county clerk’s website once discovered.

They were able to track the IP addresses of people who viewed that file and said they believe it was limited to other county employees.

Credit counselors said even if you aren’t a county employee, it’s a good idea to check your credit report once every few months.