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OKLAHOMA – A man and woman arrested, each accused of more than 100 counts of sexual child abuse.

Jamala Monroe, 28, and Zicole Monroe, 22, were each arrested last week, accused of abusing a 14-year-old girl.

The alleged acts, taking place in an apartment off of N. Macarthur.

With more complaints brought forward on Thursday, their jail registry now reads like a horror story.

The alleged pattern of assault seems to have spanned months.

“A total of 137 counts of sexual abuse of a child were added to both people,” said MSgt. Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police.

According to court records, the assaults may have started last summer.

Jamala is accused of raping the young girl multiple times, coming up with code names for his different sexual assaults.

He even allegedly planned out his crimes by writing them out on a calendar inside the apartment.

Zicole reportedly told investigators she watched many of these acts take place.

“Each count represents one incident where this occurred,” Knight said. “So, this is obviously a case where, over a long period of time, this girl was repeatedly sexually assaulted.”

The assaults stopped last week, when a junior high employee was tipped off on what was happening.

Zicole and Jamala were arrested, each facing over 140 complaints, including sexual abuse of a child, lewd or indecent proposals and two first-degree rape charges for Jamala.

This story, though, may have remained hidden had it not been for someone who was concerned for the girl’s safety.

“It’s good somebody finally came forward and said something because, otherwise there’s a good chance this would still be going on,” Knight said.

Officials said all children in the residence have been removed and placed in safe hands.

Zicole and Jamala remain in the Oklahoma County Jail, each with a bond of more than $1 million.