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SHAWNEE, Okla. – One couple has quite the story to tell as they survived the Shawnee tornado after it sucked them out of their SUV as they were driving along 1-40.

It was all caught on video.

The video is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The entire video is about 25 minutes long, but the few tense moments tell the story.

“We were coming back from Lake Eufaula on our way home and we saw it,” survivor Geary Whaley said.

It was an EF-4 tornado and it was rapidly coming toward Geary and his wife Suzan Whaley.

“We just wanted to get out of it and get home,” Ms. Whaley said.

Geary was driving and Suzan was shooting video with her cell phone.

They tried to pull under an overpass and after that the couple said their memory is as cloudy as the storm that almost took their lives.

Mr. Whaley said, “The last thing I remember when it pulled me out of the car. That’s it. I just don’t remember anything after that.”

The twister picked up and tossed their SUV, sucking everything out of it.

Suzan can barely remember coming to and getting up off the ground.

Geary was missing and the cell phone still recording video; the screaming, the roaring winds, the clanging debris and then silence.

Suzan Whaley eventually found Geary about 50 feet away.

“Two broken hips, two broken feet, seven broken ribs,” Geary said

Tears flow more than words now.

Details of the nightmare come and go but one thing he wants to pass along for anyone watching, “Heed warnings and find shelter.”

Geary said he knows he’s a living miracle.

“With what you choose to publish from this is that other people… that other people can find something to do,” he said

Geary is still recovering in the hospital and in fact, just got out of ICU.

His dog, Rocky, was also with the couple when this happened and it had appeared he’d been lost in the storm.

Four days after the tornado, someone found Rocky trapped beneath tornado debris.

He was still alive and his collar contained the Whaley’s phone number on it.

The pooch will need some medical attention but otherwise he’s okay.