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MARYLAND – A couple in Maryland got the gift of a lifetime from their daughter in honor of their 38th anniversary.

Jennifer and Timothy Bing married in July 1979, and decided to have their friends take the wedding photos.

When the film was dropped off to be developed at a local store, the Bings had no idea they would never get to see any of their wedding pictures.

The store abruptly burned down and all their wedding day memories were gone, including the ones of Jennifer’s father, who died two weeks after the wedding.

“It was an exciting time but also a really sad time,” Jennifer Bing told InsideEdition.

Their daughter, Ashleigh Bing, decided to surprise her parents with a photo shoot, one she did herself, for their anniversary.

Her parents didn’t have to spend a dime. Everything was provided for them; from the makeup, to the outfits and the flowers.

Ashleigh even had her parent’s favorite songs, including some that were played on the wedding, played on a speaker during the shoot.

“It was phenomenal that she would want to do that for us and put all the effort into it,” Jennifer said.  “I ended up really crying. It was unbelievable.”

Ashleigh said, she’s just happy to help recreate the day her parents will never get back.

“They are people who give so much to me,” Ashleigh said. “They’ll never get that day back, but I tried to recreate it, something new for them just to have. I’m really glad that they have these images, even it took almost 40 years to get them.”