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OKLAHOMA CITY – A cow has been ‘mooved’ out of a swimming pool in southeast Oklahoma City.

Crews were called to a unique rescue Sunday at a house in the 112000 block of S.E. 97th.

The owner was having his morning coffee, when he heard some sort of “snorting” from the pool and called 911.

There was a hole in the liner – which was advertised as being able to hold an elephant – and the cow was found inside.

Upon arrival, crews contemplated trying to get the animal out by trying a rope around its neck and assisting.

However, at nearly 1,500 pounds, that would not work and crews did not want to injure the cow in any way.

Pumps were used to draft around five feet of water out of the pool to reduce the likelihood of the animal experiencing hypothermia.

The cow did not appear to be in immediate distress once the water was drafted.

Crews then used tow straps from a wrecker to hoist the animal up and out to safety.

The cow was finally loaded into a stock trailer for transport and is expected to be okay.

At this time, it is unclear whether the animal was parched or wanting to go for a swim.