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CRESCENT, Okla. — The three large earthquakes that rocked Crescent on Monday left behind quite a bit of damage.

Video from inside the Hometown Foods shows the moment the quake hit, and you can see cans of food go tumbling down and boxes rocking back and forth on the shelves.

It also shows employees caught off guard, grabbing onto each other for support.

“They were going back and forth this way, and cans were falling everywhere,” said Lois Gillett.

Gillett is a cashier at the grocery store.

She can be seen in the video – hugging a co-worker to keep her balance.

“We just kind of stand there, all of us, in maybe stunned disbelief, just kind of looking at each other and then we said, oh my gosh,” said Gillett.

Over at the high school, chunks of ceiling fell, and bricks and debris littered the hallways. A large crack spread for quite a distance along the wall in the gymnasium.

“That’s why one reason the engineer is going to come out and be sure that the crack isn’t anything serious.  But of course, we’re going to take every precaution,” said Crescent Schools superintendent Mickey Hart.

Ceiling tiles caved inside a classroom of the middle school, leaving wires exposed.

“We’re going to be sure that we get the professionals in to take a look at the engineering of our buildings, hopefully before school starts,” said Hart.

The American Red Cross says the best thing to do if you’re indoors during an earthquake is drop to the ground, take cover, hold onto something sturdy, and move as little as possible.

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