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CRESCENT, Okla. (KFOR) – Three young children were killed in a house fire in Crescent Sunday afternoon.

“It’s tragic in itself anytime there’s a loss of life. Especially in a small community like this one. It’s tough,” said Josh Rollins, the Crescent Fire Chief.

All three kids were under 6 years of age. One was an infant.

The home is located near the intersection of Jackson Street and Oak Street.

According to Rollins, the fire started in a small structure near the house. From there, the flames spread to the house, fully engulfing it.

“It was huge. [The flames] burst out of that little building and I mean, just completely got out of control,” said Dylan Murch, a neighbor who witnessed the tragedy. “I ran across there and grabbed my phone and dialed 911 and the mother was down on her knees, you know, screaming for help.”

The State Fire Marshall is still determining the cause of the fire.

OSBI is helping with the investigation. They have drones and 3D scanners reconstructing the scene to help pinpoint where the fire started.

The mother of the children was home at the time of the fire, according to Rollins. She was taken to a nearby church to help console her.

“That’s a terrible thing. You know, you just want to cry for the people,” said Murch.

Rollins added that the home was a total loss.