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DALE, Okla. – A nearly 80-year-old time capsule was found hidden between the walls of the Dale High School gymnasium.

While Dale Public School officials prepare for the construction of a new high school and gym, a shocking discovery was made.

“We were this close to letting this go away with demo, not ever finding this huge historical treasure for Dale Public Schools. I’m tickled to death,” said Charlie Dickinson, the superintendent for Dale Public Schools.

A 79-year-old box sat behind the bricks of the gym next to two cornerstone plaques that were once seen from the front of the building when it was built in 1938.

The discovery was made when crews were trying to save the plaques before the demolition process.

“When they found something else, we said, okay, we’re going to do this. It’s going to require somebody with a saw,” Dickinson said.

Once inside, Dickinson said he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“October 19th of 1938 is when it was placed,” Dickinson said. “Every class from 1st grade to 12th grade, there’s a class list of all the students. There’s a list of all of the teachers.”

The capsule also included old newspapers, an Oklahoma history text book and a sealed letter from when the first school building was built in 1919.

“That’s what gets me about this is how big of a deal this was, a huge deal. Building their school, they get the update of the gym in 1938, and they built on again,” Dickinson said.

Now, the question is what to do with all of the sentimental history?

Dickinson thinks he just might have an idea.

“Get copies of it, put it back in that box, seal it back up and put it in a bigger box.” Dickinson said. “Our building will be done next fall, add 2018 items to it.”

If they do that, it would possibly start a tradition that could be carried on for generations.

Dickinson said this discovery was made right before an alumni banquet, where the capsule was shared with guests.