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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City fire crews are on scene of a high-rise fire in the old city jail near Robert S Kerr and Shartel.

Police called it in at about 9:45 p.m. When crews arrived, there wasn’t very much smoke on floors one through five, but they reported a lot of smoke on the sixth floor.

They discovered the fire in a concrete room on the sixth floor full of computers, cameras and other plastic. The burning materials created a lot of smoke and heat for firefighters to contend with, but they were able to extinguish it quickly.

The building is owned by the city and currently sits vacant. Firefighters searched but could not located anyone inside. No one was reported injured.

Ten fire trucks responded and 70 to 80 firefighters were on scene to make sure the fire didn’t spread to surrounding buildings.

Firefighters said, because the age of the building, there was not water flowing to the upper floors, so they had to carry the hoses six flights to extinguish the fire.

Investigators are working to determine how the fire began.