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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – An explosion at an Oklahoma gas plant forces families in the area to evacuate their homes.

It happened late Thursday night in a rural area near Guthrie.

The explosion ripped apart the DCP Midstream building, after a malfunction in a re-pressurized gas line.

“It is a pipeline that had the failure,” Fire Chief Eric Harlow explains. “That is where the fire is coming from. It’s the natural gas that’s in the pipeline that’s on fire.”

In a scary turn of events, a worker happened to be inside the building when it exploded. Against all odds, he escaped without a scratch.

“He’s of course shook up as you can imagine,” Harlow said. “So we haven’t really been able to talk to him and ascertain what may have happened yet.”

Lesta Bryan and her husband were one of three homes evacuated after the explosion.

They’re friends with the worker who came so close to losing his life.

“[My husband] was trying to call him, while I was calling 911, to tell him that the plant had blown up,” Lesta said. “We didn’t know he was down there. He called us and told us to get out.”

The couple was one of the first to help.

“We were coming down the road and found him and picked him up,” Lesta said.

The Bryans live next to the gas plant and knew right away where the blast came from.

“I just heard a nice big boom and a lot of fire.”

They quickly decided to play it safe.

“We were already out before they even talked about evacuating,” Lesta said. “Pretty scary. We left.”

The Red Cross is helping the families that had to be evacuated but the Bryans are glad they could help their friend and that he is safe.

“He’s pretty shook up,” Lesta said. “But he’s doing all right.”