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OKLAHOMA CITY – The lives of two death row inmates have been spared for now after the Oklahoma supreme court issued an emergency stay of execution, just a day before one of them was scheduled to die.

Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner have argued that the state’s secrecy over the combination of lethal drugs violate their rights and could result in a cruel and unusual death.

Oklahoma attorney general, Scott Pruitt, issued a statement Monday night saying “The Oklahoma supreme court has acted in an extraordinary and unprecedented manner, resulting in a Constitutional crisis for our state.”

Lockett’s was a horrific crime.

He and two accomplices kidnapped Bobby Bornt, Bornt’s 9-month-old son and two women.

They killed Stephanie Neiman, 19, and left Bornt and the other woman with permanent emotional scars.

Bornt says he’s tired of the focus being on the convicted killer.

“It’s tearing everybody apart,” he said. “Every time they say something’s going to happen and it doesn’t and then we’re expecting something to happen and then it doesn’t.”

Bornt was crushed when he heard the news on Monday that Lockett’s execution was stayed.

“I don’t understand why he’s given the chances he’s given,” Bornt said. “He didn’t give Stephanie a chance, he didn’t give anybody a chance.”

The images of that fateful day almost 15 years ago still haunt Bornt.

“They already had me beaten and gagged and duct taped,” he said.

Lockett and the two other men had come to Bornt’s Perry home to rob him when 19-year-old Stephanie Neiman drove up to drop off a friend there.

“The things they did to me were minor compared to what they did to them,” Bornt said.

Bornt said he’s tired of all the talk about Lockett’s rights.

“Everything that’s been talked about is them, what they feel, and no one’s mentioned to what Stephanie’s family feels and Summer and her family and what it’s done to them or me and my family,” Bornt said. “We live with this every single day and it, it’ll honestly tear you apart.”

Bornt doesn’t know if Lockett’s death will make him feel better.

All he knows is that he wants it done.

“It’ll be a part to let us try to start our lives and actually get past this,” he said.

Bornt said he is hoping the issues in the court system will be resolved quickly and that Lockett’s execution can be rescheduled soon.

However, he said he does not plan on witnessing the execution, saying it would just be too much to bear.