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VALLEY BROOK, Okla. – Valley Brook police have released dash camera video where one of their own was shot.

It starts with a traffic stop.

Officer Brian Southerland has one vehicle pulled over, when another passes erratically.

Southerland goes after the vehicle and catches up to the suspect, later identified as Cory Hartsell, around I-240 and Pole Road.

“You can see him driving off in that shot and he hits the curb,” said Mike Stamp, Valley Brook Police Chief.

The officer pulls Hartsell over.

When Southerland gets out of his patrol car, the traffic stop takes a dangerous turn.

“As he makes it to the front of the car, he walks into a hail of bullets. He goes around on this side to take cover. It’s hard to see which of the bullets hit the officer, but you can see it happened pretty quickly,” Stamp said.

Southerland was hit once in the leg.

“It looked very negative there for a while, because he was shot in the femoral artery, a very critical place to be shot,” said Paco Balderrama, Oklahoma City Police Department.

Thankfully, an Oklahoma County sheriff’s deputy nearby applied a tourniquet and Southerland was rushed to the hospital.

While Southerland recovered in the hospital, officers tracked down the suspect a little more than 24 hour later.

“When I got the word that they had a suspect in custody, everyone around here was very excited,” Stamp said.

Oklahoma City police made the arrest.

“We feel very relieved that the officer is going to be okay and that we got a very dangerous gang member with a long criminal history off the streets. You can tell just how dangerous this person is where he’s willing to try to take an officer’s life instead of going to jail for a simple unlawful use of a motor vehicle,” Balderrama said.

Hartsell is facing charges of shooting with intent to kill and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.