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OKLAHOMA CITY – Former Oklahoma City police officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, was back in court Friday.

Holtzclaw’s trial gets underway Monday at the Oklahoma County Courthouse.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys both say they are ready to see justice in court.

Last year, the state charged Holtzclaw with 36 felony counts; sex charges alleged to have occurred while he was on duty for Oklahoma City Police.

Holtzclaw faces the possibility of multiple life-sentences, if convicted.

The trial is expected to last the entire month of November.

There are 13 accusers. This week, one of the accusers found herself behind bars, arrested for violating the terms of her bond.

“Quite frankly I’m surprised all 13 of them haven’t been arrested,” said Scott Adams, Holtzclaw’s defense attorney.

Legal experts expect fireworks and curveballs in this trial, which may start with the location.

Jury selection will begin Monday.

Adams said he plans to ask for a change of venue if he finds prospective jurors have been impacted by pre-trial publicity.

“I’m not going to allow Daniel Holtzclaw to become the poster child for bad cops because he’s a good man,” Adams said. “He has no past. He has no priors. He was trying to do his job as an Oklahoma City Police officer.”

Adams said he has not decided if his client will taking the stand in his own defense.

“I have no qualms with putting him on the stand. The truth is, I don’t know if there’s a need for it. The burden is on them,” Adams said. “I truly don’t believe they can even come close to the burden. But if for some reason they surprise me, and we need to put Daniel (Holtzclaw) on the stand I will not hesitate to do it.”

District Attorney, David Prater, said his office is ready for the trial to begin.

Assistant District Attorney Gayland Gieger is prosecuting the case against Daniel Holtzclaw.