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DEL CITY, Okla. – Del City police are investigating after two people were found shot inside the Laundry Station at 4000 S.E. 15th Street.

Police have not officially released the victims’ names but tell us they were a man and woman.

The woman was the manager at the laundromat, and the man was a customer.

Family of the store manager tell us her name is Nekia Jackson.

Several distraught family members gathered around the Laundry Station Monday morning as police investigated.

“She’s a mom, and she just turned a grandma. And, I’m a great grandfather. And, she was so passionate for the kids,” said Nekia’s dad, Horace Jackson.

Nekia was the day manager at the Laundry Station.

Her family tells us she had been working there for a couple years.

Her dad said she always opened up the store early in the mornings and he always worried about her doing that.

“I always was uneasy with her, because she opens, and it would be dark, and it would be like 6, and she was punctual, and she had a couple of times she would come to work and stuff would be broken and windows cracked and they don’t keep money in here,” Horace said.

But, police believe robbery was the motive.

They said, as the store manager was being robbed at gunpoint, a customer tried to help her.

“Altercation occurred inside the drop office there. The customer that was inside attempted to assist her to help her out, and both of them were shot in the process,” said Captain Ted Kleber with the Del City Police Department.

Another customer walked in minutes later and discovered the two bodies.

Police said surveillance video from inside the business shows a violent scene.

“There is surveillance video available. It’s violent. It was pretty brutal,” Kleber said.

“Anybody that would go kill somebody over laundry change, wow, dude. What’s this world coming to, man?” Horace said.

Nekia’s family and friends said she had no enemies and was always willing to help anyone.

They said she was simply trying to make a living for her family.

“They just wanted to hurt my baby, because for some little laundry change. That’s not worth it to take my baby’s life,” Horace said.

Police said they are currently working leads.

The surveillance video shows the suspect leaving the store on foot, but they’re not sure if a getaway car was parked nearby.

So far, they have made no arrests.