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DEL CITY, Okla. – Del City police are investigating a horrific murder.

Two people were killed inside the Laundry Station at S.E. 15th and Sunnylane.

The crime happened when most people are getting ready to start their days.

Del City High School is right around the corner.

The crime was caught on camera.

We were expecting to have the video to show viewers, because police need your help to figure out who did this, but investigators who have seen it said it’s far too gruesome to ever be shown on television.

A memorial of cards and red flowers grew Monday outside the store.

Earlier, loved ones showed up with broken hearts.

Nekia Jackson was murdered.

She was the manager there.

A customer who police have not yet identified was also killed.

“They didn’t have to kill her,” said Nekia’s dad, Horace Jackson.

Nekia was a mother and grandmother.

She’d worked at the Laundry Station for two years.

“Anybody that go kill somebody over laundry change… Wow, dude, what’s this world coming to?” Horace said.

Right now, police said this appears to be an armed robbery that took a deadly turn.

Just before 7 Monday morning, Nekia opened up for the day.

Just one other customer was inside.

“The altercation occurred in the drop office there. The customer that was inside attempted to assist her, to help her out, and both of them were shot in the process,” said Capt. Tom Kleber.

Police have poured over the surveillance video.

The cameras captured everything.

Detectives don’t believe the gunman knew either victim.

“We do know that someone from outside committed these murders,” said Major Jody Suit.

“Somebody knew what was going on, just wanted to hurt my baby for laundry change. [It’s] not worth it to take my baby’s life,” Horace said.

Anyone with information on the crime is urged to call Del City police.