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OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma City police are searching for two men who allegedly assaulted a group of teenagers who were sitting in their car at a metro stoplight.

It happened under the I-40 bridge at Martin Luther King and Reno around 5 p.m. Monday evening.

Mason Winters, Marquise Williams, Johnathan Baker and a fourth friend were in Winter’s car with the windows down, jamming to music when two men walked up on both sides of the vehicle.

Winters was punched first.

“He was like ‘hey little homie,’ and I turned and he hits me, right here in my eye and broke my nose,” said Winters.

The second man came to the passenger side and hit Williams so hard, it knocked out one of his teeth.

“I felt my tooth come out, and then I saw the blood and then that’s when we drove off,” said Williams.

“They were just shouting and throwing punches and I was just like so confused, I was in total shock.  My adrenaline was going,” said Baker, who was sitting in the back seat.

The four friends say the men were apparently in the vehicle behind them and might’ve mistaken their dancing for a different gesture.

“He hit me and then he said ‘don’t you ever, like said the “f” word, flip me off again.’  And I was like ‘oh, okay, we didn’t flip you off,’” said Winters.

Williams’ mother is furious over what happened to her son.

“There’s nothing a child can do that is that horrible for a grown person to get out of their car and knock his tooth out,” said Reggren McNeely.

She says even if the boys made a rude gesture, it doesn’t warrant a knocked out tooth and a broken nose.

“I don’t care what the kids did.  You know, blow your horn at them, tell them to get out the way or something, but to punch a kid,” said McNeely.  “If I have to go stand on that corner and picket, whoever you were, come punch me in the mouth and see how you get away with that.”

McNeely says this happened during 5 p.m. rush hour traffic on Monday, and feels certain someone saw this happen.

She says police told her they do have cameras in the area and they’ll be searching the footage to see if it shows anything.

The boys said the men’s vehicle looked like a white work truck with a ladder in the back.

They said the men were wearing white t-shirts with paint splatters and had tattoos on their forearms.

If you have any information,  please call Oklahoma City police.

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