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OKLAHOMA CITY — A local dentist from a popular chain is accused of falsifying documents to cheat the Medicaid system out of money.

Officials say they are seeing an increase in this kind of scam. Robin Lockwood, D.D.S. is one of the latest to be charged.

While working at an office on the 1600 block of Southwest 74th Street investigators say Lockwood “engaged in a scheme to defraud Medicaid by submitting claims for dental services she did not provide.”

She no longer works at the office and the company says it’s cooperating with authorities.

But NewsChannel 4 found another office near Lockwood’s home that bears her name.

No one answered the door or returned our phone call.

Investigators says Lockwood isn’t the only doctor trying pad their paycheck on taxpayer’s dime.

Susan Rogers Executive Director of Oklahoma State Board of Dentistry said, “Medicaid fraud is a very big problem in Oklahoma right now among dentistry. We have one case where a child was diagnosed with having two cavities behind their front teeth and the dentist in question capped 15 teeth within an hour (not typical according to officials). The ex-rays don’t show there were cavities or caries.”

Officials say they’ve seen an increase in staff members performing procedures that only a licensed doctor should, in order to see more patients and increase their bottom line.

“If they’re allowing someone who is unauthorized to practice dentistry and does not have an active dentist license we will file charges. Sometimes doctors let an assistant or hygienist do procedures they are not allowed to trying to save time. That is a felony and we will pursue charges.” said Rogers.

Rogers says all the fraud that happens actually takes money away from people, especially children and elderly who need the discounted assistance.

If convicted Lockwood faces 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.